Company Profile

M.B. Technical Services is a full-service consulting firm that provides design, environmental and planning services to private industry, government agencies and general contractors.

Our comprehensive knowledge of governmental procedures, combined with a working relationship with many of the representatives in the regulatory agencies, uniquely allows us to provide reliable and expeditious services.

As more corporations downsize, and/or restructure due to the economic climate, there is an increasing need for specialty companies to provide their services on an as needed basis. This allows corporations to become more competitive due to manpower reductions. M.B. Technical Services is not burdened with the high operating expenses of larger firms. This allows the company to offer its services at very competitive rates.

The chief officer of MB Technical Services Michael Bates defined the company’s work ethic… We believe in obtaining the results that the customer wants, not just working on an assignment. We think that it is this type of commitment that leads to future referrals which will create additional contracts.

We will never recommend additional services, which are not mandatory, so that we can increase our scope of work. We believe that working on behalf of the customer’s best interest will create long lasting relationships.

M.B. Technical Services has the expertise to prepare and provide the right documents for submittal to the right agency, and our experience with major projects has also given us the experience to provide your documents to the right people.

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